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What's your decision?

Head referee Barry Hogan presents game scenarios on behalf of the Bendigo Volleyball Referees Commission.
Test your knowledge by trying to determine the correct decsion. Answers are provided after a day or two.

If you are interested in joining and becoming a referee, please contact Barry. The BVA is always keen to have additional referees to officiate.

This week's scenarios

Hi all,
Here are this week’s scenarios, 97 & 98.
Scenario 98:
The 1st referee warned a player for minor misconduct, going directly to STAGE 2 of the minor misconduct procedures, and showing the player a yellow card, to be recorded on the score sheet. Is this a correct action by the 1st referee?

Scenario 97:
While running after a ball, the team's only Libero (replacing No 4) injured his leg muscle and could no longer play. The coach then decided that he wanted player No 4 to become the re-designated Libero. Is this possible?

Answers on Wednesday.

Barry Hogan
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Scenario 96:
Five players were on court when the referee whistled for service; meanwhile the Libero who was sitting on the bench apparently forgot to return after the previous rally. What procedures must the referees follow?

A. The 1st referee must only whistle for service if both teams are ready to play and the server is in possession of the ball. If the Libero's late entry delays the whistle for service significantly, the team should be sanctioned for Delay. If the 1st Referee by mistake authorises the service, he/she should interrupt the rally and replay it without penalty.

Scenario 95:
What is the correct response of the 1st referee if spectators interrupt the match?

A. The 1st referee should stop the match and the organizer or the Control Committee should take steps to re-establish the order. This interruption should be recorded on the score sheet.

Scenario 94:
A team made an illegal Libero replacement, but it was noticed before the service hit was made. How should this be handled?

A. If noticed, the 2nd referee will use the whistle to call back the player. The illegal replacement will be cancelled and the team will be sanctioned for delay.

Scenario 93:
A player refused to play because of a wet place on the floor caused by a team member diving for a ball. What is the proper response of the 1st referee?

A. The 1st referee should never accept the request of the team wiping a wet spot on the floor, because the request is the subject for a delay sanction. The "quick moppers" should mop the wet spot on the floor. Players may also use their own small towels to mop the floor. When the 1st referee deems it necessary to mop the floor by the moppers, he may give the order. The control of the match is always by decision of the 1st referee, if there is no Control Committee. In a match with a Control Committee, the Game Jury President may authorize the 2nd referee to allow extra mopping if the wet patch is large and the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity is above 61%. If finally the team still refuses to play, the referee can sanction the team with either delay or default sanctions.

some clarification from this week's scenarios.
Scenario 93 only covers 'official' FIVB events. Most competitions, including our own, do not have moppers, so the welfare of players must become paramount.

In these situations, the 2nd referee should always go to the spot indicated by the players and verify it needs wiping. The team can then use a towel to dry the floor.

If the 2nd referee considers the request a delaying tactic because the floor was not wet, he/she should advise the 1st referee who should then issue a delay sanction.

Scenario 90.
Can the Libero be allowed to enter the match by a regular substitution procedure in place of an injured player?

Scenario 89.
Prior to the start of the third set of a match, the 1st referee whistled the teams to enter the court. One team did not react. When they were too slow to respond, the 1st referee issued a delay warning to them. The team then entered the court. Was this the appropriate action by the 1st referee?

Scenario 88.
A team applied all legal substitutions in a set when a player on court is expelled and the Libero is sitting on the bench. How to continue the match?
A. The expelled/disqualified player should be immediately substituted legally. Since there is no possibility for that, the team has to be declared incomplete and will lose the set. (Note: exceptional substitutions are not an option here).
Scenario 87.
A back row player is separate in distance from a collective block and lower than the top of the net - but is hit by the ball. Is this an illegal block?
A. No. The player was not part of the collective block and was not higher than the top of the net when the ball contacted him/her. Therefore he/she cannot be a blocker.