Dragon City 28 & 29 Oct
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Spring Season

Draws now available


Junior Draws full (Excel)
17Girls Draw (pdf)
15 Girls Draw (pdf)
15 Boys Draw (pdf)

Senior Draws full (Excel)
MD 1 Draw (pdf)
WD Draw (pdf)
MD 2 Draw (pdf)
Mixed Draw (pdf)

BVA By Laws

FIVB Rules of the Game (2017-20)

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Finals - Week 2
Grand Final Schedule


5.00pm 15B Grand Final Court 2
BSE Dragons Green v Crusoe Crusaders
Duty:- BSE Dragons Red
Referee:- Tom Stevens
5.00pm 17G Grand Final Court 1
CC Wildcats v Girton Diamonds
Duty:- BSE Dragons 10
Referee:- Aimee De Salvo
5.00pm 15G Grand Final Court 4
Rebels v Girton Flames
Duty:- BSE Dragons 8
Referee:- Vanessa Phillips

7.00pm WD1 Grand Final Court 1
Golden Square v Kanyana
Duty:- Chikigh

7.00pm MD2 Grand Final Court 4
Golden Square Hawks v G.Square Pigeons
Duty:- G.Square Blue

8.30pm MD1 Grand Final Court 1
Golden Square v The Bois
Duty:- Tsunami

8.30pm MXD Grand Final Court 5
Fill Ins v Shannanigans
Duty:- All Sorts
Referee:- Ron Symons

Dragon City Tournament

This prestigious event was held on the weekend of 28th & 29th of October 2017.
A website displaying results and ladders is available at DCT17 and is suitable for smart phones and tablets.

Junior Draws

Please note: Girls 17 Division draw has been amended due to the withdrawal of Girton Storm.

The draws for the three divisions are available.   Junior Draw (Excel)
Individual division draws as pdfs are also available. 17 Girls,  15 Girls and 15 Boys.

Match Times and Conditions

MD1 & WD1 will be playing Compulsory 3 sets, no time limit. Time for 2nd match is earliest starting time only.

MD2 will be also be playing Compulsory 3 sets with no time limits.

Mixed will be playing time limited matches with Start & Finish times as indicated on the Draw.

Forfeit fees of $90, must be lodged with the Competition Director, before the offending team can take the Court, for their next
scheduled match. The usual playing fees are also due on this night. A $10 Bond deduction also applies.

If a team can provide 48 hours notice of an impending forfeit, then the fee will be reduced to a $55 fine.
Contact Tom Stevens on 5442-1010 (Home) or 0438802903(Mobile).

Delays to matches should be noted in the Comments box of the Scoresheet and must be endorsed by the opposing team Captains from the match affected, before any action will be taken against the Duty team, if they were at fault.

Duty teams will be required to alter the playing heights of the nets as required.

Note that Mobile phones or Ipods are not to be used while a team is performing Duty. Penalties will apply.

A Social Media Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Association and will be enforced if required.

Players are advised that Training sessions are available on Sunday nights after Mini Volleyball matches are completed.
Players from all Competitions are welcome to attend, Matt Gordon conducts the training sessions.

Player Registration

All players (Senior, Junior, Mixed and Minis) must again self register with Volleyball Victoria.
Follow the link to the VVI Registration site.

Social Registration is $30 which applies to most players. Anyone playing in external tournaments (e.g. State League, Schools Cup etc.) may need to register at a higher level.

Bendigo Membership fees are due by the 3rd round of Competition, the fee is $15 for all players.
Tom Stevens
Competition Director

Codes of Conduct

Once again players and spectators must familiarise themselves with the BVA Codes of Conduct.  Please review the Codes of Conduct.

Dragon City 2017 Results

Men's Div 1: Hickman's Warriors def Q Redbacks
Women's Div 1: Kafo def Phantoms
Men's Div 2: Horsham def BAS 1

Women's Div 2: BAS Gold def Horsham
Men's Div 3: Geelong def Bellarine
Women's Div 3: Geelong def BAS Blue

Full divisional results are available as pdfs.
Men's D1
Women's D1
Men's D2
Women's D2
Men's D3
Women's D3

  • Tom

    Tom Stevens

    Tom is the competition director, and any queries pertaining to draws, ladders, entries or other matters must be directed to him.

  • Murray

    Murray Mansfield

    Murray is a BVA Board Member and is the chair of the Referees Commission.
    Queries relating to refereeing should be directed to him.


To all players. How to register.

There is a significant change in the manner of Player Registrations this year.
All players must self register via the website.
Access the website, on the Right hand side is a box called 2016 Volleyball Victoria Membership Registrations, click on this box.
You will see the various categories of Membership indicated.
For the Bendigo Local Competition only, Recreational membership of $25 is the fee for this season. Players who wish to play in Tournaments, State League or Competitions outside of Bendigo may choose a higher level of Registration.

You may go directly to registration or by following the instructions below



You will then be at the Bendigo Registration site.
Follow the self explanatory instructions as they appear.

For new players commencing in the Spring Season, registrations must be completed before matches on the ## July.
Failure to do so will result in unregistered players not being eligible to play and they will not be permitted to take the Court until Registration is completed.

Tom Stevens
Competition Director
Bendigo Volleyball Association Inc


For further details please contact Tom Stevens.


VVL - Western Phantoms

  • Phantoms

    Anyone looking to play VVL? Even get to play in Bendigo!!
    Be great to see some Bendigo players get on board!
    Don't hesitate to contact Matt Gordon for more details.